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The Most Surprising Thing About Numerology

The single most important and surprising fact about numerology is that it can be very healing.

Over the years my focus has varied in what I wanted from numerology. I started with early idealism about working on large enterprises.

Later, largely due to very unexpected results, I  focused on health and consciousness. I have often fluctuated in goals, though the overriding goal has always been balance. Results in some sectors of my life have been better than expected, though often something else is a bit worse, or the same.

Most variations in name created unexpected levels of negative energy and outcomes, sometimes shockingly so. In fact a great deal of what happened as results were at overly perfect opposites to my intention!

Twisty, turny, tricky energies are involved in naming…

The very fact a name changes health at all ought not be so according to the modern conventional views on health.

This same modern view, by which I mean conventional doctors, modern pharmaceuticals, the general prevailing supposedly scientific worldview (it’s not really scientific) would claim the notion that vibrations from the sound and letters in names could create deep changes in health is impossible.

This view is not shared by everyone. Some groups such as religious Jews believe names have great power, and that a name change can even save your life. To do so one within that system one must be a Jew and be given a Jewish (Hebrew) name.

So the view that names could not have tremendous healing power is a view of moderns, not all peoples. Certainly names were regarded as extremely important throughout history, though in the vast majority of cases in the past you could not change.

Today we are fairly free to change our names and in my experience I’ve found that the persistent healing effects of names to be the most lasting and worthwhile effect.

There are extensive writings on the connections of letters to vibrational associations that affect health and the body. Entire charts and patterns of associations have been created. To explore these more deeply would take centuries of testing.

The truth is numerology does work. The question is can you sum all things in a name?

If not, at least the healing potential of numerology remains the most powerful known aspect of numerology.

Elon Musk

Oh, names, names, names.

How is that for a name?



Elon Musk is an inventor and CEO of the Tesla car company.

His numbers are a hoot:

2-8-1 first, 5-6-2 total.

The Kabalarians would recommend a name change for this billionaire!

In Chaldean he is a 35/8.

His ex-wife, TALULAH RILEY, is also a 35/8 in Chaldean.

She is now 4 million dollars richer after ‘marrying’ Elon Musk.

[sidenote: Can modern marriages really be called marriage?]

Correction: Talulah is now 4 million dollars richer after divorcing from Elon Musk.

It’s obvious from a names perspective that




were just meant to be.

For a while.


It looked good on paper!

News about Elon Musk

Recent online fuss ‘n’ hoopla about Elon Musk’s car company, TESLA.

One of his electric battery powered cars burned.

Investors panicked.

Perhaps his company needs a name change…


Talulah Riley: Name of the Day


Continuing on with the visual themes of the day before we have none other than:

Talulah Riley!


How can one resist?

‘Talulah Riley’.

Not a name you hear every day.

We’ll continue our examination upon consideration of her previous significant other, none other than…

To be continued!


Chaldean Effects: Introduction to Examination

The Chaldean system is well known as the bog upon which the ship of the Self can sink.

Debated in everything from interpretation to calculation methods, the Chaldean offers no easy answers.

Journals on numerology in the future (e.g. Methodological Issues In Numerology, vol 177, dated 2033) will look back with interest at the preliminary attempts to sort science from fiction.

Today we are – much like Newton – still in the phase of determining what is chemistry and what is alchemy.

steampunk science girl

Yet promising signs of light arise on the horizons of mind.

Let us put on our spectacles and examine the numbers:

(first, the spectacles)

Diageo-Steampunk-Photography-01-science guy


So much better.

Let us take a moment and get some inspiration from science, in the tradition of:

rock star scientists

Now that we have suitable inspiration we’ll be ready for the next post, where we examine the numbers of some people of the United States of America.

For those readers from the future, the United States of America, often referred to as the “US” or “USA” until the dissolution of the nation in the civil and global wars of the 2020’s, became the predominant world power due to utter devotion to what Biblical scholars would have referred to as Mammon.

In other words, worship of money and finance.

That can’t end well, can it?

Until next time…


Numerology News: 28 and 32

Esme-28, the latest 28 themed birth control pill, has also been recalled.

28 is a bad number in Chaldean numerology, indicating contradictions, loss, and having to start all over again.

I’d agree from personal experience. Terrible! Just when things seem fine it all goes to pot.

Now, two in a row recalls of birth control pills named with the unlucky 28!


Ariel Castro, written about before, possessor of notably unusual numerology – a 4-9-4 with a 32/5 Chaldean – is now dead. Supposedly he committed suicide.

A very interesting case. He had many markers for influence by his name numbers. A perfect case!

What chaos the 5 can cause!


On the flip side, Rob Ford is enmeshed in typically 5 chaos, yet wins out due to his 5 powering a 6 total.

I love this headline about him:

Does Rob Ford Win Even When He Loses?

That’s a great way of describing the luck he gets. He mystifies people with his ongoing evasive (5!) success.

Freya 28 – Ho Ho Ho!

Freya-28 has been recalled recently, media reports indicate.

Freya-28 is a birth control pill. It was packed incorrectly, so some unwanted pregnancies could be on their way.

One is amused.

Freya is the Nordic Goddess of, among other things, fertility.

Naming a birth control pill Freya is asking for some trouble.

Normally Freya is very nice:

freya 1

Freya in a playful mood

But get Freya a bit irked by naming a birth control pill after her…

plus use a Chaldean number traditionally evocative of a rise and then great fall – the number 28 (!)

you get someone happy to oversee trouble:


Freya in Action


3s, 6s- that Happy Feeling

As with all things in numerology there is no substitute for individual matching and personal experience.

That being said, the numbers 3 and 6 and to a lesser extent 9, are all happy numbers.

Combing 3 and 6 in the Pythagorean system can be very useful for helping with sociability, happiness, and lightness.

The classic Chaldean number for this is the 21/3. The classic all-purpose number in a number of the classical systems like Pythagorean is typically something like a 6-9-6.

Bringing them all together is by no means essential, although it can be useful.

A lot of times in human society it’s being friendly and open and happy that generates a good result.

It’s not always easy to achieve that in modern times. The numbers mentioned here – 3, 6, 9 – are a good step forward.


Royal Baby Name: George Alexander Louis

Reasonable write-up on BBC on the Royal Baby’s name of George Alexander Louis here.

All very conventional, surface level stuff though – history of names, rulers, and past Monarchs.

The name of George is not enough to offset the Chaldean birth numbers of the Royal Baby. It is an interesting, even a Royal choice, with some good numbers for some kinds of rule in public office.

But  it won’t be enough. A 7-5-3 will not balance to the birthpath, nor will a 25/7 Chaldean offset anything at all.

This will be interesting to watch unfold.


Alexander is said to be a favorite of Catherine’s.

I’ll bet!

Some things cannot be spoken of in public. My private research finds this to be no surprise and in fact a source of considerable amusement. How droll.

Keep calm and carry on!

Royal Baby! Birthpath and Name and Heavy Karma

So the Royal Baby is born, according to Wikipedia, on July 22, 2013.

Uh-oh. This is a bit of a surprise.

The birthpath of the child:

July: 7 , so 7+2+2+2+0+1+3

Oh, isn’t that something. The Royal Baby is in fact an 8 birthpath with a 4 (22nd) day of birth!

This is the very combination written about by the ancient Chaldeans as a number of very heavy karma.

The founder of this blog has more than a passing acquaintance with these numbers. Sadly.

On the positive side, the numbers of the Royal Baby mean that he is more than capable of wise rule. Yet the obstacles that will haunt his life, should they be at all similar to the dreaded 8 and 4 combination of ancient lore, make me cringe in even thinking about it. He will be protected in ways that few are. That, at least, is to his advantage.

However the Royal Baby is likely in for some very troubled times. This is not the birthpath and day of an easy life. The child will have many challenges and obstacles.

uh oh, what am I in for here?!


It is unlikely that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are going to have access to some advisor who can help name their baby properly.

For assuredly, aside from Divine Providence or the randomness of Luck, that is their only hope to smooth the way for their child.

I find it interesting they are waiting to name their child. That is certainly wise. Yet where will they go to find the right name for their child?

In the case of a future Monarch of both the UK and many other countries it is critically important that the child be named properly.

The Royal Baby is in for some very interesting and difficult times.