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Feb 24th, 2009 Comments: 225

Beware the Kabalarians

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The Kabalarians are a group in Vancouver that advocate for changing your name.  They do this for money, lots of money. [update time? it’s been a whopping 5 years since I wrote this for my original blog on esoteric matters. Since then it’s been viewed thousands of times, more than any other post on this site by far. The money’s not the major issue. The main question is – is what the Kabalarians sell actually balanced? read on, and leave a comment if you want an update on this post]

They derive their teachings from a yogic system named yantra yoga.  However really they are watering down the precision of that system for the sake of financial gain and keeping their organization alive.

Their organization has been hit by numerous scandals. It’s the usual thing with cults and cult leaders – sex scandals involving the leaders with multiple girls raised in the group, raised in groupthink.  Legal action was taken and the leader was found guilty as charged.  Further court cases are in the works.

Naturally this raises the question if the balanced names work so well why:

  • did the leader(s) abuse their position, as the courts have found?
  • did the followers acquiesce, as is reported by them and others?
  • did the parents not do something about it, as many non-“balanced name” parents would have?

Today the Kabalarian centre has a distinctly run-down feel. Aggressive sales on the part of some old school members keeps it afloat.

A teacher of Yantra says the leader of the Kabalarians, Alfred “J” Parker (who did not change his name although he advocated everybody else to) changed the women to a 6 and men and women to a 6 plane of mind so often so as to control his followers.

In Yantra there are supposedly strong karmic penalties for messing with the original system. Alfred Parker did die young.


Note 1: If you are a Kabalarian or Kabalarian advocate, please keep it civil. Disagreement is fine, just be polite about it and not weird.

Note 2: When I bring yantra up in my post it’s in regards to the heritage of the Kabalarian system only. It’s not a recommendation to do yantra!

Note 3: Due to requests I am considering writing a ‘How To’ booklet on doing the Kabalarian system yourself. This is as of Feb. 25, 2013. Stay tuned.

Update: The e-book on the Kabalarian system is now available for much, much cheaper than the Kabalarians charge. Click here to get your own copy now!


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( 225 )
  1. Ron Feb 12th, 2016 22:57

    All I can say is that our lives depend on our choices, not on how we spell our name. Those who love Jesus are called children of God. What he says about us is truth.
    I grew up in a Kabilarian home with a balanced name and it has not been the indicator or controller of my life . I have a personal relationship with my father in Heaven and he calls me by name: his beloved… He’s all I need. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. He is the author and finisher of my life and no numerology can change who I am. I am his and he is mine!!!
    In my mine The Kabilarian philosophy is mind control. It keeps us captive to a force not from God. It’ has controlled the life of my family for way too long. My prosperity and health is found in the living word of God.

  2. Kabawhat? Feb 15th, 2016 6:42

    Beware the Kabalarians indeed! I live in Vancouver and have followed the KP story since Ivon Shearing was put in jail for molesting young KP girls in the 90’s. Then I ended up marrying an ex-KP!!! The damage of being introduced into this cult at a young age was something my ex could not overcome. He was given a peculiar name that no one could spell. He had to fight any classmate who called him by his birth name because it was evil to be called by your previous name, some teachers would ‘accidentally’ call him by his birth name to get a reaction, not an improvement on his life in any way. Members pay large sums of money for courses, but remember! They are a philosophy! They sell people the idea that once a KP, they are part of a higher consciousness and everyone else on the planet belongs to the “negative realm of disembodied minds” muah ha ha ha! Seriously though, stay away.

  3. Beverly Feb 18th, 2016 3:49

    Try running Oprah Winfrey (1/29/54 DOB) through the kp system…. Turns out her name is ‘bad’ news it leaves her open to never being financially sound and terribly ‘unbalanced’ as is mine. Needless to say I wasn’t surprised. Something triggered in my mind when I received a full name analysis at no charge…followed by a meaty explanation of how crummy my name is (coupled with my DOB). Thankfully, in just 145 seconds (NOT DOLLARS) after leaving their website I found all the balancing I needed with this article and others like it.

  4. Success (Admin) Mar 10th, 2016 2:00

    Oprah, yes, that’s interesting how many very successful people have no relation to positive or negative names. I think name changes are best viewed as a corrective or healing measure.

  5. Ken Apr 27th, 2016 19:22

    Does anyone have a positive experience from having a professional numerologist help them change their name? Or an experience working with an astrologer or some other professional name change helper that was revelatory?

  6. Herman Apr 29th, 2016 2:46

    @Ken… Changing ur name does change destiny, but the kabalarians are about money only. Mystics don’t charge for shit like that, and yes, success had been found. The group, Earth, Wind & Fire were originally called The Salty Peppers. Maurice White changed the name after being told by a music that he’d find no success until a change came. EW&F are from his natal chart… The rest is history

  7. Sharp Woman Apr 30th, 2016 9:35

    The Kabalarians are sexist and do NOT really understand the various forms of numerology.
    I’ve done many calculation analyses on the first name, surname, and combined first and surname of each of the employees and members listed in their website. I’ve also done the same on the new, oddly spelt, names of customers who give positive testimonials. I even compared the numbers in the male and female “well-balanced” names.

    Their “balanced” names DISREGARD the different birth dates and birth paths. So, everyone basically gets similar numbers. In fact, they only have a few pre-selected set of numbers for first and family names. As long as the spelling of a name fits those numbers, and as long as it follows past sexist ideas, then the name is declared “balanced”. The founder Alfred whatever, was a sexist man from the early 20th Century.

    They tend to give 3,3,6 first names to women because such names fit the 1950s sedated house cleaner idea. Female names with 3, 3, 6 or 1, 5, 6 numbers “produce” personalities that are PLACID, PLEASING, QUIET, CALM, tactful, polite, HOME and family oriented. Some of them even like to entertain guests and look after their needs.

    In contrast, any female name that they describe as: ambitious, “forceful”, career-oriented, expressive of opinion, expressive of ideas or even honesty, desiring success, being achievement-oriented or doing maths, desiring material wealth, and/or having initiative are written in a scary or criticizing words. They do try to discourage females from having the same numbers as men

    Take for example the number 8 Life Path: All female names that reflect number 8 will be given negative criticisms and “predictions” of bad health. The Kabalarians call those names imbalanced and say things like “heart” disease and/or “assertiveness is bad because people won’t like you” IF it is a FEMALE name with exactly the 2, 6, 8 or 2, 5, 8 or 5, 3, 8 combination. BUT if it is a MALE name with the SAME numbers, they say wonderful things about it! Many of their analyzed female names deliberately separate financial success from music. Some female names that have LEADERSHIP and/or business talents, and/or mathematical ability are said to be “unfeminine” and “lacking the softer qualities” that make you lovable. Whereas males with the same numbers can be “musical” and/or “aggressive” and/or “mathematical” and/or business-oriented and/or “practical” and “wealthy”. “Balanced” women’s names are NEVER business talented, never “would attract financial success” because if they are then they will have “female generative problems” and neglect their husbands and children!!

    All “money” names with 8 in it are NEVER given to women. In fact, their “analysis” always mention something negative to FRIGHTEN women from choosing money-names: For example, they will mention serious health problems that they have no scientific evidence on.

    They give only a LIMITED set of numbers to people. The letters are made to fit those numbers. Men tend to be given 6,2,8 as first names (especially their members, maybe not as often for customers who pay them). Most female names with 3, 3, 6 are commonly given to any female customer. Both men and women all tend to be given 6, 3, 9 as the default surname. So, all the women are given 1950s sedated-doormat housewife personality numbers, while men are given more active and financial numbers – but with total disregard as to whether those name-numbers match or complement an individual’s birthdate.

    They don’t define what they mean by “in harmony with the birthdate” because they don’t really know

    Just do an analysis for entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson and 1980s and 1990s performer Madonna Ciccone and see that the Kabalarian judgmental descriptions are wrong.

  8. Toni May 25th, 2016 3:07

    “Croft Roman” called me to do analysis he said was “free”. He has my full name and birthday. I checked and could not find anything negative online. Guess it wasn’t meant to be. But After giving those 2 identifying information I am concerned about it being used fradulently. He is to call me again at 12noon to explain more. This is after he said twice it was free but I will reject the call. He has my email as well. I then found a scam alert tonight. Would like to know how to protect myself. I have a freeze on my credit already. What else can I do?

  9. Success (Admin) May 27th, 2016 18:59

    I’ve never heard of them messing with personal info so I wouldn’t worry about that.

  10. Abe Jaxen Jun 11th, 2016 14:54

    When I married my wife a year ago, we both changed our names. The Kabalarians have been fantastic with providing us help. The cost was reasonable and I’ve purchased a lot of Parkers books he wrote which also wasn’t expensive in comparison to other self help books.
    In Edmonton, I took a few workshops to learn more about the Kabalarian philosophy. The 10 week courses were also inexpensive when compared to other self help courses offered. The volunteers who help teach were also amazing.
    I think the problem most people have, including my wife, is that the philosophy does not provide instant gratification. You do not get instant results. That is probably why a lot of people feel the philosophy is a scam or sucks. They don’t get it.
    Try studying Yoga, or music, or anything to be good at it and you will find it involves working hard to achieve a level of skill that is awesome.
    Even this website wants money from you, so don’t be so sad about the Kabalarians wanting a few bucks from you to help pay their utilities and taxes. Every group does.
    I wish you well on your journey to spiritual awakening.

  11. Anonymous Jul 23rd, 2016 14:15

    Success, when I read this article before your update it did seem very defensive against KP and being a good organisation at its core this was quite confusing. Looking at your updates now I’m on the same page as you. The 6 is good but it feels as though something still is not quite right for some people anyway.

  12. Judith Aug 23rd, 2016 23:48

    I wish to follow posts and comments i appreciate the honesty and candidness written in every sense of the human consciousness on the whole self help reports

  13. Gareth Aug 25th, 2016 11:25

    Anyone who is dumb enough to think that the effectively random combination of numbers and letters that arise from the spelling of their name and their date of birth can have an effect on their life and personality deserves whatever they get.

  14. Success (Admin) Aug 27th, 2016 23:30

    People argue with me all the time. Sooner or later they come around.

  15. Success (Admin) Aug 27th, 2016 23:33

    Like the people such as the Chaldeans who created the first civilizations which created the Wonders of the World that lasted thousands of years, much longer than anything from our time will last?

  16. Reola Sep 2nd, 2016 23:49

    I was introduced to the Kabalarian Philosophy when I was 20, legally changed my name soon after (from a VERY unbalanced name), bought the first level of books & thought my troubles were over! While I’ve kept the name for the past 30+ years, my life has been anything but balanced & those “troubles” & imbalances that my name supposedly caused never went away… until I started to read “SETH SPEAKS” by Jane Roberts, which coined the phrase “You create your own reality.” Now I know & understand that: (1)ALL emotions & behaviors are the RESULT of your BELIEFS. (2) ALL BELIEFS are self-reinforcing. (3) Change your beliefs & you will change your life… which is how you can CONSCIOUSLY & DELIBERATELY create the life you really want.

  17. Success (Admin) Sep 13th, 2016 23:51


    You are not following my basic rules of civility for posting on my blog.

  18. Linda Sep 16th, 2016 5:24

    Interesting I should come across this after leaving the Kabalarian website. I am not about to change my name but what I find interesting is that the site was actually a cult! Silly me! My younger sister did a numerology report for me when I turned 30. She went to the local library and did the calculations suggested. Turns out the thing was bang on! In the recording she stated I would be a widow and gave the approximate age I would be. Sadly she was correct. She also claimed after a long period I would remarry, I have been a widow for 22 years and still waiting for the next Mr. Right. Would just like to add that I take numerology and astrology with a grain of salt, it is fun, Thank you for your post it was most informative.

  19. Stephanie anderson Sep 22nd, 2016 21:44

    I just sent them my name and birthday before I read up on them. How do I remove them I’m a Christin and do not want to be part of such a thing.

  20. Success (Admin) Sep 23rd, 2016 4:54

    Remove them? Just ask them.

  21. Jed Nov 30th, 2016 6:02

    I was also given the names Abe Jaxen as one of my so called Balanced names at a price of $245.00 After having put that name and others through their same system that said my name needed to be balanced it also said that the given balanced names needed to be balanced. Such BS if you ask me. I am going to Litigate if I need to. They are also American known. The founder Mr. Parker lived in the states in quite luxury. He didn’t change his name what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Wouldn’t you agree? He never changed his names because it was only a ploy for raking in the dough all in the name of vanity and false claims.

  22. olusegun Dec 10th, 2016 7:42


  23. Success (Admin) Dec 16th, 2016 18:10

    Thanks for sharing.

  24. Big dummy Jan 1st, 2017 0:54

    I feel dumb. I paid for my entire family. I announced names to my family and started using recommended name. Life hasn’t changed. Waste of money. Now I read this all late. I should have listened to my husband he called it BS. They do give females a 6 vibration name. Boys had 8. Last names were all a 9 vibe to go w/ first name. Such a scam

  25. charmaine Feb 17th, 2017 22:03

    It was a good read, the kabalarians were right on about he married name that I had, sadness, I was a battered wife. Plus what he did after the divorce cost me many years of hell. I will keep this with me, what is written on this site, I prefer to change my first name to number 8 which the kabarlians say is wrong for me.

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