If You Want To Change Your Name With Numerology

If you’re going to change your name for numerology reasons, then think about  this order of doing it:

1. Use a middle name or nickname or a slight change in spelling to your current name.

By far that’s the best choice if you’re new to numerology, or want an easy place to start.

It’s simplest, the least disruptive, and will work with the name and numerology you’ve had so far.

2. Change one part of your name only, first or last.

3. Use some kind of system, e.g. make sure your name is good in both Yantra/Pythagorean and Chaldean. Or do a Kabalarian name if that appeals to you.

In your birthname, which usually has a middle name, there is almost always a way to bring your most commonly used name to a more balanced total.

Once in awhile it’s a mess no matter what and you’ll have to change more. However most of the time the solution is right in your already existing names.

My e-book on how you can change your name with several systems is now available under the Products: E-books section above, or click here.

Beware the Kabalarians

The Kabalarians are a group in Vancouver that advocate for changing your name.  They do this for money, lots of money. [update time? it’s been a whopping 5 years since I wrote this for my original blog on esoteric matters. Since then it’s been viewed thousands of times, more than any other post on this site by far. The money’s not the major issue. The main question is – is what the Kabalarians sell actually balanced? read on, and leave a comment if you want an update on this post]

They derive their teachings from a yogic system named yantra yoga.  However really they are watering down the precision of that system for the sake of financial gain and keeping their organization alive.

Their organization has been hit by numerous scandals. It’s the usual thing with cults and cult leaders – sex scandals involving the leaders with multiple girls raised in the group, raised in groupthink.  Legal action was taken and the leader was found guilty as charged.  Further court cases are in the works.

Naturally this raises the question if the balanced names work so well why:

  • did the leader(s) abuse their position, as the courts have found?
  • did the followers acquiesce, as is reported by them and others?
  • did the parents not do something about it, as many non-“balanced name” parents would have?

Today the Kabalarian centre has a distinctly run-down feel. Aggressive sales on the part of some old school members keeps it afloat.

A teacher of Yantra says the leader of the Kabalarians, Alfred “J” Parker (who did not change his name although he advocated everybody else to) changed the women to a 6 and men and women to a 6 plane of mind so often so as to control his followers.

In Yantra there are supposedly strong karmic penalties for messing with the original system. Alfred Parker did die young.


Note 1: If you are a Kabalarian or Kabalarian advocate, please keep it civil. Disagreement is fine, just be polite about it and not weird.

Note 2: When I bring yantra up in my post it’s in regards to the heritage of the Kabalarian system only. It’s not a recommendation to do yantra!

Note 3: Due to requests I am considering writing a ‘How To’ booklet on doing the Kabalarian system yourself. This is as of Feb. 25, 2013. Stay tuned.

Update: The e-book on the Kabalarian system is now available for much, much cheaper than the Kabalarians charge. Click here to get your own copy now!


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